Rocky Mountain Regional Solid Waste Authority
Main Office / Rocky Transfer Station
5313 44th Street 
Rocky Mountain House, AB, T4T-1A3
Phone:  403-845-4121
Fax:  403-845-6350
Rocky Regional Landfill
Located 19 kms West on HWY 11 
Phone:  403-845-4580



  1. Batteries

    Batteries can be taken to any of the Transfer Stations for recycling.

    Batteries from Cell phones, cordless phones, power tool, laptops and vehicles, etc.​
     AA, AAA, 9V, 6V, etc.

    ​The Landfill does not accept Batteries.
  2. Office Paper

    Computer, copier paper, white bond and ledger paper, envelopes without windows and shredded paper.

    Accepted at all transfer stations and depots.  
  3. Cardboard

    Flattened Corrugated Cardboard only.  

    This is accepted at all of the transfer stations and recycling depots.

    • Food or other organics left inside.
    • Wet paper towels or toilet tissues.
    • Wax coated cardboard. 
  4. Newsprint

    Daily and community
    newspapers and advertising flyers.

    This is accepted at all of the transfer stations and recycling depots.
  5. Used Oil Products

    Used oil is only accepted at the Rocky Transfer  Station.

     This includes rags, jugs, pails, and used oil.  Please ask window attendant upon arrival.   ​​
  6. Paint and Household Hazardous waste

    Most household and spray paint is accepted at the transfer stations as part of the Alberta Recycling Program.  Please ensure the lids are on the paint cans.  

    Click here for a list of eligible products

    For more information on Alberta's Paint Recycling Program visit

    Heading 3

    Heading 3

  7. Pesticide Containers

    All pesticide containers must be triple rinsed, punctured, and empty. Caps removed.
    Booklets removed and recycled.

    They are accepted at the Everdell, Caroline, Leslieville Crossroads and Rocky transfer stations. 
  8. Plastic


    HDPE Plastics and Clear jugs

    These can be taken to the Transfer stations or depots for recycling or the Landfill for disposal.  
  9. Concrete Ashphalt Cement

    Ashphalt and concrete must be taken to the landfill for disposal.  
    Tipping Fee - $35.00/tonne
  10. Appliances

    Accepted at all transfer stations as well as at the landfill.

    Metal appliances can be placed in the metal recycling.

    Refridgerators and Freezers. 

    Not accepted at the Landfill.
    Accepted at all transfer stations for a fee of $20.00
  11. Electronics

    Computer monitors, CPU's, printers, TV's  (subject to change)
  12. Asbestos

    The Landfill will accept asbestos materials on Mondays only and prior arrangements must be made. Materials must be double bagged using 6ml. yellow bags. These can be purchased at most industrial retail locations. Phone: 403-845-4580

  13. Furniture and Household Items 

    There are 2 options for furniture disposal:
    If the item is in reasonable good condition and you would like to donate the item, it will be accepted at the Rocky Transfer Stations Re-Use Building.

    If the Item is not in good condition or you do not wish to donate, It can be taken to any of the RWA Facilities during business hours for disposal.